Q & A for Buying a New Furnace

My first question is always what’s the plan with the house.. 2 stage furnaces are a 4 to 5 year payback and high-end brands don’t pay back for 15 years.
So if you’re going to live there for less than 3 years, go cheap brand single stage; which we’re around 2750 if all the construction is as you mentioned. If there’s a legal floor drain we can drain to that, if it’s 4 feet off the ground, you would need to pump since the furnace drain trap is around the 22 inch mark. Condensate pump is 150 with 15 feet of drain tube in the same room.

The 5 things we consider when swapping the furnace is:
-drain (discussed)
-venting (you said super close, as long as it’s easy to drill though with no rebar or other silly stuff running through it; we include 15 feet of venting)
-gasline (I assume your existing furnace is gas and it’s at the furnace. We will move it up or down a few feet no problem)
-electrical (you need a safety switch before your furnace. If we need to move it there’s a small fee depending if there’s slack in the line and can be pulled or if we need to add. If it’s before the furnace, you’re fine)
-tin work (the new furnaces are about 32 inches high, older ones can be in the 55 inch range. We include 25 inches of transition, so that should cover any old style furnace out there)

My next concern is the size. 100k is way too big for 1100 sq ft. If you go 2 stage I would be ok with a 60k but if you went single stage, there’s no forgiveness with single so we need to size properly. We always say 45 btus per sq ft will heat a barn. 20 per will do a passive home. Where does your home sit between there? Windows doors roof and insulation play a factor. Is it a single detached or townhome. Townhouses require less if they are middle units but a bit more if they are end units. Most do not include their basement but we do for sizing. Only where you have heat runs and livable space.

If you’re going to live there for more than 4 or 5 years, going to 2 stage is worth it. They’re between 800 and 1000 more than single stage but you get the 250 rebate and save 150 a year in that size home. Our low end brands Goodman or Payne(Carrier brand) are at 3650 installed. Everything has 10 years Parts and Labour.

If you plan to be in your home for more than 15 years, it’s worth it to pay more and get a better brand. We carry Rheem.
2 stage Rheem, 60k is 4500$.

The difference between high and low is nothing for 15 years. Gas ans electricity bills will be the same, air flow and heat all the same.
The low end machines start to have issues around year 15 and will last 18 to 20 years. Where the high end machines will not have issues for 18 to 20 years and last 25+ years.

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